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BSU bulletin. Philosophy

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Bazarova T. S.
SOCIO-PEDAGOGICAL FEATURES OF MODERN STUDENTSHIP // BSU bulletin. Philosophy. - 2017. №4. Педагогика. Pedagogy. - С. 105-109.
DOI: 10.18101/1994-0866-2017-4-105-109УДК: 37.3.016
The article deals with social and pedagogical features of the profile of modern student youth, reflecting its social feeling, which is of great importance for the complex characterization of social attitudes and orientations of various strata of population and society as a whole. Youth as a specific social group occupies a special place in the structure of society. Accordingly, the social well-being of young people, including students, is an urgent problem for research.
The results of the long-term monitoring of students’ social feeling (exemplified by the survey among students studying at Socio-Psychological Faculty of Buryat State University) are pre- sented. We have stated the sample data on social feeling of future specialists in social work based on the following criteria characterizing social and pedagogical peculiarities: attitudes

towards the financial situation, the process of studying at a higher educational institution, the future profession, and the social realm.
The results of the research have showed that the social feeling of students in modern condi- tions differs from those of the majority of population, this is due primarily to their social status; the financial situation among students is not the determining factor in their social feel- ing, since they are supported by parents, who try to ensure their children have the same level of financial status in the deteriorating socio-economic conditions; students look to the future with hope and optimism, while they dimly aware the difficulties and problems of independent life.
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socio-pedagogical characteristics; social feeling; youth; students; social work; ed- ucational process; vocational training; social problems; material well-being; leisure.
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