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Khandarkhaeva I. U.
TO THE ISSUE OF DINAMIK DESCRIPTIN // Вестник БГУ. Язык. Литература. Культура. - 2019. №2. . - С. 56-62.
УДК: 821.161.1. 09
The object of the study are descriptive and narrative texts extracted from fiction. The object of study is a dynamic description, implemented in texts such as "description" or "narration."

Principles have been studied that allow setting properties of dynamic descriptions in text. To identify the features of the implementation of the dynamic description, the following genre varieties are analyzed: a description of the person’s appearance or portrait, nature. One of the main methods of analysis is semantic-contextual, based on consideration of semantic features of verbal predicates in the context of dynamic description, as well as the method of linguistic observation and description of linguistic facts. Functional-semantic types of speech currently continue to interest scientists, and in this regard, the novelty of the work consists in identifying the specifics of the functioning of semantic features of verbal predicates in a dynamic description. In particular, texts of the “description” type are not sufficiently studied from the point of view of the use of perfect verbs, while the textual approach allows us to expand the understanding of their text-forming role. Depending on the logical-semantic affiliation of the text, the role of semantic features of verbs of the perfect form is determined: based on the general logical basis of description (synchronology), the semantics of predicates, the idea of change in state, a static type of verbs of perfect form with perfect meaning, in dynamic description — action type.
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literary text; description; narration; synchronology; diachronology; dynamic description; observable description; contaminated description; action verb; static verb; verb with perfect meaning.
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