Dorji Banzarov Buryat state University

Bulletin of BSU. Philology

The journal "Bulletin of Buryat State University. Philology" established by Buryat State University is a scientific serial intended for publication of the results of the scientific activities in the field of philology. The journal "Bulletin of Buryat State University. Philology" is published since 2019 four times a year.

The journal is included in the database of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) on the E-library platform.

The journal’s aim is to popularize and promote the results of research activities of the scientific team of Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages ​​and Mass Communications of Buryat State University, as well as other highly qualified domestic and foreign specialists in the field of linguistics and literary criticism. The editorial board defines the following objectives of the journal: the competent and timely coverage of the results of scientific works, development of sustainable interest in promising areas of scientific activity on the subject theme, introduction of new scientific material into scientific circulation, sharing experiences and the latest achievements between the members of the scientific philological community, and promotion of the effective integration into the world scientific community.

The Editorial Board headed by the Editor-in-Chief provides the work of the journal.