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Бурятского государственного университета
имени Доржи Банзарова

Вестник БГУ. Химия. Физика

Библиографическое описание:
Туменжаргал Д.
Нарантуя Д.
Танг Ш.
Шиеш И.
Ло Х.
Абидуева Е. Ю.
Алтанчимэг Н.
Хихигсурен Г.
DOI: 10.18101/2306-2363-2017-4-38-54УДК: 577.151
We have studied microbial ecology of aquatic environments of Mongolia several years randomly, and still our data is not complete till now. Here, we indicated basic microbiological parameters of major lakes and rivers representing Mongolia's aquatic ecosystems. Lakes and rivers water were sampled twice a year, and analyzed for microbiological (total number of bacteria and coliforms, fecal coliforms, enzymatic activity, antibiotic sensitivity and molecular biological analysis) and chemical-physical (ammonia and temperature etc.) parameters. Coliforms were highly correlated with each other and with ammonia, temperature and pH, suggesting that the simultaneous determination of all variables currently in use in the evaluation of the microbiological quality of waters is probably redundant, and could be simplified, and that coliform should be tested as a sentinel parameter of the microbiological pollution load of lakes and rivers.
Ключевые слова:
microorganisms; bacteria; coliforms; aquatic ecology; rivers; pollution of lakes; water quality.
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