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Modern civil law

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Badeeva V. T.
THE LAND REGISTRATION ON CADASTRAL REGISTRATION // Modern civil law. - 2019. №2. . - С. 22-27.
UDK: 332.54
The article is devoted to some aspects of legal regulation of the registration of a land plot by cadastral registration. The author examined the legal acts governing the state cadastral registration of real estate, state registration of rights to them, a general de- scription of the procedure for performing cadastral works. In accordance with the need for land surveying and subsequent cadastral registration of real estate, the question arises of determining the location of the boundaries of the land. In some cases, contro- versial situations arise in establishing a particular border. It is noted that the problem of studying the «history» of the formation of the land when determining its boundaries leads to obstacles in the use of their real estate for the owner and the inability to gener- ate relevant data from the Unified State Register of Real Estate in land legislation. The statistical information of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Car- tography was studied regarding the refusals to implement the cadastral registration pro- cedure. The author suggests that cadastral engineers be conscientious about cadastral work and fulfill their obligations to customers.
land; real estate; land surveying; the formation of the land; cadastral registration; the definition of the boundaries of the land; cadastral engineer.
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