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Bibliographic description:
Solomennikova V. I.
Колмакова O. A.
CATEGORY of WORD in the M. P. SHISHKIN’S NOVEL «PISMOVNIK» // Bulletin of BSU. Language. Literature. Culture. - 2017. №1. . - С. 26-32.
UDK: 821.161.1
The article explores the poetics of the M. Shishkin’s novel «Pismovnik», consi- dered as a modern text in its postmodern version. The work is based on the combi- nation of traditions of the epistolary novel and (quasi)historical fact, which has be- come today as kind of «trend» stylistics and gives to the author’s word a particular function. Ironically, the gaming aspect of postmodern speech allows him to become a full-fledged subject of the story. Ironic and playing aspect of postmodern aspect of word allows its to become a full-value subject of the story. In Shishkin’s novel the word may be considered as one of the key «characters», that carries the conflicting field work in the area of language. The author solves a number of artis- tic problems associated not only with contemporary escapism "in the word", but also with the opening of its harmonizing, balancing role.
Mikhail Shishkin, «Pismovnik», modern Russian prose, category of word, modernism, postmodernism.
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