Dorji Banzarov Buryat state University

About the journal

The journal is included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications, in which the main scientific results for the degrees of Candidate of Science, and Doctor of Science should be published, as well as in the subscription catalogue of ОАО "Rospechat" No. 18534.

The editorial board of the Bulletin is represented by scientists of world-wide repute, 13 specialists are doctors of sciences, corresponding members of academies, have foreign scientific degrees of a similar level, and are engaged in scientific research and teaching in higher educational institutions at their main place of work. Since 2019, Bulletin of Buryat State University has been publishing articles on philosophical sciences: ontology and theory of knowledge, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture and philosophy of religion, social philosophy.

"Bulletin of Buryat State University" publishes the scientific results in the field of philosophy. All incoming manuscripts are reviewed. The main goal of the journal is to publish high-quality scientific materials that are of interest to the world scientific community. The editors of the journal have made considerable efforts to improve the status of the journal, the quality of publications through a rigorous selection process. The editorial board is guided by the criteria of a high degree of the scientific novelty and significance in selection of published articles. There are high requirements for reviewers of articles: they must be recognized experts in the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have publications on the subject of the reviewed article within the last 3 years.

An important feature of our journal is the acceptance of manuscripts both in Russian and in English. The efforts of the editorial board are aimed at increasing the citation of published articles and entering the journal into international information bases, in particular Scopus, and ensuring the effective integration of our authors' research into the global scientific information space.

The journal's website has been developed on the Internet, where abstracts, keywords, information about authors in Russian and English for all articles and reviews are placed in the public domain.

The editors together with the authors are responsible for the originality, objectivity and validity of the published materials. All articles are checked in the "Anti-plagiarism. University" system.

The authors are obliged to conclude a license agreement on granting non-exclusive rights to use their works (articles) by Buryat State University. A license agreement sample is available on the BSU website.