Dorji Banzarov Buryat state University

Requirements for the articles

The selection and editing of the articles for publication realized by leading scientists and invited experts of the editorial board.

In "Bulletin of BSU" only the articles characterized by high degree of scientific novelty and significance are accepted. Each article has the UDC andastamped detailed written review of scientific director or scientific advisor. Reviewers should be recognized specialists in the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have publications on the subject of peer-reviewed article for the past three years.

The author is obliged to conclude a license agreement granting non-exclusive rights to use his work (article) by FSBEI HPE "Buryat State University". A sample of license agreement is presented on BSU website.

General requirements The texts should be submitted in electronic and printed forms. The file with the article may be presented on a floppy disk or sent by e-mail. The author(s) has(ve) to sign the last page. The title of the article, abstract (from 100 to 250 words) and keywords (not less than seven words) should be presented in Russian and English. The discrepancy between the Russian and English texts is not permitted. References should be transliterated in Latin letters and translated in English.
Electronic copy Word processor Microsoft Word (version 6.0, 7.0, 97). The file name should contain the author’s surname.
Page parameters Format A4. Sides: right - 15 mm, left - 25 mm, top, bottom - 20 mm.
Basic text format Pagination. Indentation - 5 mm. Interval - one and a half.
Typefaces Times New Roman. Normal type size - 14 points. References and abstract - 12 points.
Articlesize (approximately) Briefreports - up to 3 p. Articles for the scientific degree - 8-16 p. Title of the article should contain no more than 10 words.
Information about the authors Surname, name and patronymic (in full), academic degree, post and work place, country, address with postal code, Phone/Fax, E-mail (in Russian and English).

The cost of one page (A4) processing for BSU teachers is 200 rubles, for others - 400 rubles, for graduate students - free of charge.

Address: Buryat State University Publishing Department, 24a Smolina st., Ulan-Ude 670000.

Fax: +7 (3012) 21-05-88.

Payment is made upon receipt of invoice from Accounting department of Buryat State University.